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Top Reasons Canadian Snowbirds Winter in Arizona
October 5, 2021 at 9:30 PM
Image of a small town where Canadian snowbirds in Arizona stay for the winter.

No matter how much you love the cold weather, winters in Western Canada can make anyone feel a little cooped up in their own home. The Southwestern U.S. offers mild winters, making it the ideal place to spend the harshest months from November and December until March. Choosing the snowbird lifestyle means experiencing the best of North America’s climate, with moderate year-round temperatures. It’s a great way to stay active and involved in communities throughout the year.

Many seniors prefer to return to the same place every winter to reconnect with friends they’ve made over the years or purchase a second property for winter. Whether you choose to drive an RV south for the winter or fly to your winter home, many Canadian snowbirds choose Arizona for their seasonal residence. Here are the top reasons seniors choose The Grand Canyon State.

Perfect winter climate

There’s no denying that Arizona can be brutal during the summer. Still, in the winter months, the low humidity combines with mild temperatures. Canadian snowbirds in Arizona spend the harshest months of the year enjoying fresh air and sun.

  • Highs during the day reach the mid-60s and drop to the mid-40s at night.
  • While December and January can be the rainy season, the average yearly precipitation is less than ten inches.
  • Enjoy more hours of daylight than in Canada, with the average sunset time around 6 pm.

You can escape the most grueling aspects of winter in Arizona.

Convenient location for U.S. travel

There’s a mild winter climate throughout the United States’s Southwest. However, Arizona is the most conveniently located for U.S. travel, whether you have an RV, enjoy road trips in a car, or plan on flying. Arizona borders California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico, which offer beautiful scenery for road trips, towns rich with culture and art, and exciting roadside activities and attractions.

Phoenix International Airport is a hub for American Airlines and a base for Southwest, ensuring low airfares for cities across the United States. Spend all winter in Arizona, or use it as a launching point for a season of travel.

Affordable luxury

Arizona offers beautiful properties and luxury RV park locations, with a below-average cost of living. Food and essentials are less expensive than in neighboring states, so your dollar goes further for the winter months.

It’s easy for Canadian snowbirds in Arizona to enjoy the finer things in life without worrying about their budget.

Plenty of activities and recreation

At Quail Run RV Resort, we make the most of the mild winter months to provide a range of fun activities and organize trips to the surrounding area. Arizona is ideal for seniors who want to stay active in retirement with golf, hiking, boating, shooting, and more.

We offer dancing, arts and crafts, swimming, off-roading, bocce ball, and more inside our luxury RV park.

Communities of like-minded people

It’s hard to find and maintain a community in retirement. Canadian snowbirds in Arizona who make a permanent seasonal home at Quail Run RV Resort see the same community members year after year.

Our residents make lasting friendships that keep them coming back, along with our convenient location, luxury accommodations, and calendar of activities.

Make your winter reservation at Quail Run RV Resort to join other Canadian snowbirds in Arizona.

Quail Run RV Resort is a vibrant and active community of seniors over 55. We provide a packed social calendar to enable Canadian snowbirds to live life to the fullest every winter. Choose between renting an RV site for the season or a park model to rent or buy. Our team offers professional support to our seasonal residents from abroad, so you can have absolute confidence you’ll arrive at a winter residence that feels like home. Browse our luxury RV park activities to plan your stay, or reach out to learn more about area attractions near Arizona City.

Finding a winter home as a Canadian snowbird in Arizona isn’t easy. That’s why we offer friendly support for current and future residents for planning their stay at Quail Run RV Resort––whether it’s for one month or three.